Emply or full
One half is hereby left behind
The last
in a rally obstacle race;
In the background
A silent - perhaps even mute- beggar
left aside on the sidewalk, not even properly used,
then thrown away
like an expired product;
on the right
mere mortals idealizing and fantasizing about eternal love-
playing God.
Broken pieces can never make a whole
With one of them missing another for life
Dropped down so many times, for so long,
too low to remember , to even imagine how it feels to be loved;
Love’s not love
If it’s not felt the same in two hearts at once
Like Christmas snow born from children's tears
and not old sorrows.
I just wish I hadn’t felt anything
Or simply didn’t remember
I did.
From above the ground
Just know it’s never, never in their kiss
But only in their stupid, secret priority lists.
We are not born who we want to be
We don’t become who we want to become
Gambling through life
Betting everything on a first card
Without saving anything;
Last times must be the safest choices:
Just throw the dice and wait enough for their edges
to stop
On the right side.

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