Hopefully Overrated Amens

One fine day
I’ll be granted enough heaven
To chase all the skeletons in my closet away,
Ask’em all for forgiveness
and pray
for eternal bliss, take a really deep breath-
I can reach the bottom of my deepest calmness,
Cross the hostility borders of those sinned against for too long,
like decorative, symmetry doors,
making amends,
for the unshared sermons,
long-perished omens, forgotten passwords and almost failed wrongs.
To come to terms with my own existential record,
I’ll bury the bitter hatchet of regret
on my own,
set fire to the ignorant horizon
And draw a better line
between the zenith and the abyss
with blood shadows.

above all
if my heart is in a good place
I’ll steal some infinity from you to just lie down and die.

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