Christmassy :)

Christmas is almost here and all I can say is:” It’s such a small world and people share more than they think they do!!!”…
Christmas is about taking time to appreciate the simplicity of life, its blessings and even its trials. It’s the time when we realize how much we love our dearest ones - family and friends - and how much love we still have inside for the others. On Christmas, it seems right to let our hearts open for a while without any risks or fears...and feel happy.
This year, I’m not wishing for material presents. I have noticed that what can be bought is hardly essential. On the contrary, what truly matters are the priceless little things which are hidden inside our own hearts, sometimes abandoned, sometimes ignored, sometimes underestimated…This year, I would like all of us to fully acknowledge that living with kindness, generosity and gratitude is a win - win attitude… that … happiness is never selfish and it can never be achieved alone.
This year, I wish all of us … forgiveness - which will give us light in return, sweet tenderness - which will bring us enough peace and warmth to surrender our worries, humility - which will help us to see the miracles inside those around us, hope - which will keep our eyes open and our smiles real, gratitude and patience- which will make the fulfillment of our dreams worthwhile and enough love to feed our souls with life…
This Christmas, let’s take time to believe, to hold the hands of the ones we love, let’s make room for the birth of Jesus in our hearts, let’s listen to children’s carol singing, let’s enjoy the smell of the fir-tree and the taste of our favourite foods … Let’s smile more often, love with all our hearts and remember to pray…and be thankful. >:D<

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