A Paradise Tale

                                        Inspired by and dedicated to Frank

Under the old tree of knowledge,
-                   - in the heart of night -
Adam and Eve shared their pure dreams,
Holding each other as they fell asleep,
The cold, humid scales of the serpent
and its corrupting, poisonous whispers
-                   - out of their mind.
A sudden echo broke into the silence
Chaining their sin in the middle of things
A fatal ignorance had  sealed  their  fortune
-                  - changing  everything .
The appointed angels remained silent
Knowin’ their hearts , they could only expect,
With the divine muses sent out of Eden
Falling into the vicious, evil temptation
-                  - would be their fate.
The sight of the new garden, of permitted fruit,
Left them both feeling lost and abandoned-
The holy light turned off, casting their shadows
         -  in a void of darkness.
Had they been aware of the cruel testing
And shared their premonitions of the fall
Their undeserved, merciless punishment
-                -  would still be ignored.

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