Let the bygones…

Water under the bridge getting frozen,
A new season inoculates my veins-
No more cold shoulders to get
With selfishness put on hold,
Cruelty remains homeless.

“Why does an infant die young
or end up a cursed orphan, 
do you happen to know?"
“Being  on the run gathers no moss
to harbor the sorrows, I heard.”

Some take time to slowly predict
The right  twists of  fate to reveal
Just for fun, when  their vaulted memoirs,
traded  in real flesh and blood,
remain  second  to none.

Enough  has  been  said  and done
between us, under the same sun,
to set aside for all our rainy days
Though  even more storms will be born
under tomorrow’s clouds.

No need to double check on the weather
Just drop your grudge for a change
Worry about nothing  that can’t be undone  -
You’ve lost your heart a few times
And it came back.

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