Rhetorical Question

Is this the best of all possible worlds?”…
“Will  I make  the right choice?”…
“Has my life been meaningful enough so far?”…
"What’s really wrong with these questions,
invading our existence like parasites?"
Worst of all, they feed on our weaknesses,
inflaming our anxieties and our most intense fears,
freezing our veins throughout the summers and springs,
painting our minds  in the saddest shade of blue
on the bluest of all planets,
nerve-wracking our bones,
cutting down our gains,
infesting our daily joy,
upsetting our heart-shaped organs,
belittling our spirit,
turning  their back on our tears,
activating our fight-or-flight mood,
paralyzing our feelings,
only to leave us prisoners
to a darkness of poisonous ingratitude
attesting only the supremacy of the absurd.

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