Happy Birthday!

I celebrate the day
You were born!
I worship this date in the February calendar
Like I do every year, without exception;
The day you came into the world
and changed it for the better!
I also praise and sing about
The day when we first met,
Cherish that first time
You held my hand
right into yours
and that very first hug.
So, may you have dreams and your dreams all
May come true, dear!
May your life be blessed like never before!
My prayers to God go on and on
For you 
For good, for an eternity.
I hope you seek only to find
A future of yet more greatness.
May the top of the world be at your feet
(If you would like)!
May happiness and fullness and love
Always accept your invitations
And may they all spend the myriad 
of upcoming years
With you and your dearest.

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