Picture (inspired by Ed Sheeran’s Photograph)

My memory can fade,
My memory can go blank,
I shall still have you
With me.
When held in the arms
Of a teary beholder
Silence can speak,
It can even get you back home
long enough,
To walk the same old streets
You used to belong to
And be young.
Who needs more evidence?
Who needs more proof
There was “us”?
Who can doubt those eyes
Even though they don’t see the future
But only the past?
In a photograph
A heart never ceases to beat.
Only our time is stopped
Right between two kisses,
Only our souls are healed
Sharing a smile so selfless,
Or a moment of clarity
with the taker
Right before the age of the selfies.
Though frozen for life
inside a silver frame
Or an elusive prisoner to a flaring screen
You are still perfect.

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