Platonic Harbors

I look back and see no storm
The lifeboat, as always, is empty
I am adrift
On a shoreless sea
A gifted sailor 
Running out of worries
Leaving behind a tangled net of what-ifs
Feeling only lighter, not lonely
Inside a tangible, spider-web-like breeze
Swinging amid a burning horizon
In circles.
There is hope
In this immaterial voyage of mine
For a human pendulum
Constantly eluding balance!
A cold comfort keeps growing around
Taking over the melting spirits within
No anchorage visions for now
Or into the wind
To daunt me.  
From a distance I might be just a point
One step farther and I become invisible.
No mermaid song
To cloud my judgement,
No agony in the drinking of sea water,
No strings;
Only one piece of rope 
Attached to my pride.
I remember there were times
I’d resent seeing a lighthouse
Or hearing the “Land, ho!”cry
Or defensively anchoring.
The perk of being your own crew 
May break one's soul into spells of magic
Making no piracy worthwhile.
I have been everywhere
Surviving my past
In plain sight, I am here and now,
Though concealed from the rest of the world
You can see me:
Just wondering why
The shorter straw is never the last.

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