Lipton or Nestea?

This article is neither about promoting a certain cold tea preference nor about how healthy or unhealthy these two beverages are in reality…The truth is I needed a topic and an inspired friend suggested this title. Therefore, I am going to write an article about Lipton and Nestea.

The real challenge of this task is to manage to write about two subject matters I hardly know anything about without making you readers fall asleep. I never drink cold tea. I sometimes drink hot tea when I have a cold…that’s why…in the spirit of Pavlov’s dog…I think I will always associate tea with some sort of illnesses.

Of course, if I were a professional journalist I would have to do theoretical and practical research and by the end of this virtual page the readers of this post would have been provided with the most accurate information about its topic. Not to mention the fact that I would have probably given a personal opinion about the taste of these products. In this case, I would have to thank my friend for not having suggested “Scandic” or “Teacher’s” … otherwise my research would have affected not only my budget and physical balance…but also my reputation.

Some pseudo-conclusions at the end of the three paragraphs above would be that we can speak/write about anything even if we don’t have a clue…that the less informed we are about something…the more objective we can be about that subject…and also…there will also be enough stereotypes to help us out…such as the connection I make between tea and not feeling well…

However, while some people picture tea next to a handful of pills, a thermometer and a packet of paper napkins, other people will think about tea in terms of almost-natural refreshments and quenching your thirst at the end of an exhausting series of push-ups or abs…like my dear friend… Let’s not forget those who use these brands in social contexts which have much more to do with chatting with their friends than hydrating their bodies. Well, I guess I am among the most original ones…since I am just using both Lipton and Nestea to fill my (free) time instead of my (favourite) cup.

To cut short a long (tea)story, if Lipton can do that, so can Nestea and me. I don’t have to drink something in order to speak (about that)…and you don’t have to feel bad about reading an article whose title involved a possible marketing campaign of tea brand rivalry. We are living in a blood-thirsty society which encourages brand com-pe-tea-tea-on…;))

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