Evidence of an Injured Mirror

Caring too much if we are loved even when we don’t care back
Surviving our own delusions for a life time
Longing for too long in places we don’t belong
Staring at familiar imperfections along the way
Re-inventing the wrongs of the past with masochistic grandeur
Hallucinating our worth, resuscitating hope
Changing our minds after forgiving our trespassers
Taking everything back and returning the gifted testimonials
-To puzzle the senders -
Expecting it will cut out for good the old good days that we leave behind
Ostracized by revengeful scenarios,
Fraternizing with temporary allies that we formerly used to despise,
Racing against imagined enemies, beside imaginary friends
Oversleeping and being late
for life-changing dates which never take place
Crying the same
on weddings and funerals
Looking up words which don't exist in advanced learners'dictionaries
Unable to tell the difference between a fake smile and a self-destructive pride
Mutilating our hopes, amputating our desires,
We only have deeds to regret instead of feelings or thoughts.

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