Win-Win Correspondences

Pre-dissolved initiatives unified by candor
Still mourn’ inside a floral, almost tangible dusk,
Framed and stamped by desire,
Kept aside by the submissive guard of selfless denial
getting addicted
to the scent of expired calendars.
Mutually ignoring one’s absence
Seems the perfect dignity trap
Meant to preserve one’s lost glory,
its prejudices against a repented doubt.
A past of future promises had better remain silent
Like an unwritten letter which would take too much time,
Like a destined recapture of imaginary pictures
Mentally taken by the blind.
We used to know nothing about humiliation
Until our phobias were confirmed by experience;
That begging for mercy has become such an archaic concept
Is another life fact.
When too afraid to step out of a comfort zone
I just un-teach myself to look back.

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