This one is about high school. My high school years were pretty much the same as they normally are and should be: amazing friendships, the unforgettable first love, millions of dreams born to become true and a number of right people being there for me in order to support, motivate and inspire. High school was such a good time and place to grow, to become who I am today!
Going to a(nother) high school every day now makes my own high school memories stay alive. 17 years ago I had no idea about what was going to happen. I had expectations like everyone else and fears the same. But the lessons I learned and the feelings and memories I collected then turned me into one of the richest people in the world. (You should call Forbes magazine, I seriously belong there.)
What I value most about high school is that it showed and taught me about being independent. Also, if you took away all my life memories and experiences and allowed me to keep only the ’91- ’95 ones, I would still be very happy. ‘Cause love, friendship, acceptance, tolerance, generosity and trust are enough to bring happiness and also, once they have settled in your heart and soul, they will never leave or abandon you.
I know that high school couldn’t do all these without the right people. Thank you, my high school guardian angels!

PS I hope I am managing to give something back.:)

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