Unveiled Fragility

Unconditional caring is a permanent choice of mine and …while sharing …I believe we not only reveal but also discover so much about ourselves! Just like when asking yourself truly objective questions you have never asked or you would never ask anybody for the sake of better self-knowledge…and a deeper understanding of your own life.
Lately, I’ve discovered my strongest vulnerability. While others are falling for power or losing control over money or fame… I have a very soft spot for the idea of being really needed. It’s something which gets me almost charmed and it works every time like an unbreakable spell. (…I should have used “drunk” instead of “charmed” but it didn’t feel strong enough…)
The idea of being chosen to be there for someone in need, the thought that somehow I could be helpful to another human being makes my heart melt with gentleness and melancholy, almost immediately dissolve its delicate aspirations into the sweet gratification of this incredible, divine chance . For me, at this point in my life, there is nothing more rewarding than knowing that my presence, my words, sometimes my silence, my approval, my gestures - no matter how temporary - are necessary, that my simple existence can make a difference and be a reason for shared happiness, undeniable hope and mutual joy… I must have already got addicted to this amazing feeling, a kind of spiritual tenderness I would always open myself to…

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