Conflicted Resolutions

Heavy thoughts raining down
- like racing meteors -
into the prolonged silence of friends,
the mute impatience of foes …
Winding in and out with deliberate imprecision
Interfering with an anxiety
Merely touching the frame of a perfect door;
In front of a melting dawn
We are all
carefree projections of our outer selves
Climbing up like floating whispers
From another seemingly deceived season,
high above the moonlight shades,
Striving to become more than an early promise
With the morning breeze,
uncovering the foreseeable new day,
sheltering and drying off all evidence,
all the survival tears,
Freezing every single heart beat,
every pulse of the veins,
Reassuring the re-birth of yesterday
-such an old tragedy,such memorable retreat.
I’m only one of those
witnessing some paramount obstacles
falling down,one by one,
for the irreplaceable yet unfairly dismissed
to kneel down and quit.

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