Instant or Delayed …Gratification?

We have all become so anxious and so restless to get what we want. No matter if it’s something or someone, we want them right away only to discover that the next minute we actually want something or somebody completely different and then…surprise!...we find ourselves discontent again… and again… and again … Everything we want has to be available and, if possible, only one button push away. There’s no patience and, what’s even worse, there is no satisfaction either.

Back in the old days people would wait years and years to get something or someone. And they used to value everything they had obtained through perseverance, hard work and sacrifices. Nowadays, getting has become an individual race and before we know it… we become trapped, stuck on a roller coaster of countless wishes, so numerous and so trivial there’s no wonder they are all meaningless and therefore so easy to replace or throw away… This speedy ride makes it impossible for us to see the truly important aspects of our life.

Still, some people will always prefer quality to quantity. They will have fewer but bigger-size dreams and they will be willing to make efforts, to take time to walk, to stop and notice the infinite universe and its amazing diversity of choices. And, unlike the others, they will know what or who they really want (and deserve) and learn how to ignore the rest…

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