Small Bites of Collective Truths

Today’s food for thought has to do with this self-discovery journey taking us from birthday to something which is supposed to be our life, an amazing result of both circumstances and choice. So, how can we reach our best destination if nothing is mapped for us, when everything is literally possible and very often so unpredictable that it catches us unprepared and so vulnerable?

Each day, we are who we are, we do what we do and we say what we say. We don’t do and don’t say some things. And we have our – most sacred or top secret – reasons to justify them. We may feel things we don’t know anything about. And we sometimes have to admit we cannot control them. We have dreams and most of the time we have to give some of them up in order to move on. We strongly believe in the unseen and the untouchable and we pretend that we cannot see or touch things which are so real instead … We may keep memories alive even when they hurt, even when it’s against their will and our wellbeing…

Then why are we always overanalyzing everything, especially what cannot be changed? I mean, of course we should try to understand what motivates our actions, what causes our decisions but only before our choices are made … As soon as the words have been said and the deeds have been done why would we keep staring back ?! On the contrary, I believe we had better trust our own judgement and our reasons back then and there without too much questioning, explaining and regretting when it's already too late and (too) useless...and accept everything the way it is. For the supreme truth, the ultimate one is we are all unprepared and vulnerable. But we ought to find a little faith inside at least … In the end, we will have to look back and, while checking if there has been a paradox in the ignorant perceptions, ignored realities, individual frailties, shameful cowardice and masochistic options, there will be plenty of time to understand it all.

Including the fact that we cannot be or have everything.

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