Selective Silence

A free earwitness
coming a long way out of the nutshell
Running away for nights
in the opposite direction of wave sounds
unstoppable, undefeatable, untamed
with an exuberance able to either eradicate or exile
any triumph of weakness, any cancellation of pride,
to feel safe. I am surrendering myself
to your calm indifference
implanted by an insecure doubter
too skeptical
to exonerate the vandalism of noise
through absence
for the strength of an invincible tone
a signature visual code
framing the secret turns and returns
overlooking the overheard
before the galloping sundown spreads over
sharing a quiet recollection
of mentally and emotionally mute signs
in a language
deafened by pure choice...
Choosing not to hope
becomes worse than despair sometimes.

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