Consolable Whispers

Though shoulders
will still be straining
Under the weight
of loss,
a trembling,
almost unheard voice
summons your breath
not to be held in vain,
and just wait
the miracle
of its soft echoes
has finally come around 
to filter
the sour bitterness of regret,
out of your blood.
by forgetfulness,
misfortune memories
may break
into my private thoughts
at times,
out of the blue.
The irony is
a single incantation
from you
will always help forgiveness
to wash away,
for good,
the gray remains of the horizons
in both our views.
With the scar pains
and dignity restored
Pride will be put to rest
and the insoluble grief
will be dissolved
by an eternal present,
the real delight,
growing so splendidly
within our chests.
Sharing our rainbows 
and our verve
by the vital wealth of love
makes for no waste
only allows our spirit
to be embraced
like second chances are
at a new crossroads.

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