We circumnavigate
the globe, an elastic breeze 
is attached
around our waists,
the free fall was checked 
by both
and a new colony
of mild impressions 
and blue epiphanies
to cushion our voyage.
In silence,
we bounce up and down
against the rising stars
sufficiently deaf-
to the mermaids'charming songs
and blind enough-
to any nymph’s dance.
Enchanted by ashes of rebirth
(our own)
and music of spheres
We shall hold hands
to remind ourselves,
without words,
that only heaven knows
how long
we have been in the same barge,
rocking and rolling
in our own storms,
how often we have been
in charge
of a pirate vessel
seizing the treasures and debts 
of the smooth, treacherous sea
or a warship
setting course only
to restore peace.
Right now
with an invincible fleet
of safe thoughts
rounding the Cape of Good Hope
there’s no need
to burn this boat
which brought us near,
there's no need
to leave this irreversible harbor,
or abandon the burdensome cargo
oppressing a way back home.

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