Honeyed Reveries

A man of depth,
one of the best kind
there is,
in the presence of faith
I can feel his essence
being  kissed
on the cheek,
then forehead
and an elusive life line
in the palm
of his left hand.
They feel right,
my secret vows
to him,
they shall remain
secret and bound
to a timeless ground.
Back to back,
and through dropping eyelids,
the shining tears
won’t deny
the candied words
he steals from my mouth
or those hidden
behind my neck
in late spring.
A bliss of fate,
he will be - one
casting its longed shadow
in the night garden
and over  the sea waves
until my soul
has grown feet
to be swept off -
then settle down on a rest day
for the length of a life’s retreat
in a sweet nook,
a heartfelt beat away.

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