Filled Hollows

You are my zenith,
to reach you,
I'd cross a pathless heath
and share more
than the colors of the skies
swaying above the holy beliefs
of angels
born-n-raised as heathens
or the delayed remorse
of a wild child.
Though getting lost
in this cosmic vastness
might confirm some of our fears
We can still walk
we can still run,
all this changing distance
between south and north.
Our blank or rhymed verse
channels and bridges
like a snow cloud,
stopping the pace of time
right in its middle.
Breathing your spring tones
suddenly explains
why being us
feels much easier
than being 
just you or just me. Around,
some candles have burned down,
some are burning away
the sorrow of man
then they are put out
for a while
not to obstruct
the gods' worthy worship
but to preserve a light.
Let’s pause now,
in this deliberate darkness;
Words have been drained
of love
for a nobler purpose
whose means justifies the ends,
the sacred winds
have chiseled holes
in our bodies
making us look like two lanterns.

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