Summer E-scape

Others will never notice
the humble feet
stepping out 
of a cold sea
and into the arms
of an unknown season
but you - You make 
a much-embraced wave
slow down
and the warm wind's touches
tenderly retreat.
with your dense silence,
I smile
knowing I am
no longer invisible
to you, and shiver,
seeing you nod
with my shadow
has made that perfectly clear.
A mysterious fever 
rushes through my veins
as I become sightless:
the rays of fond light
interfere with the breeze
capturing  the entire you
inside the frame
of a most genteel picture.
Standing here,
tall and overprotective,
you hold my shoulders
with your hands
and melt me back
from pieces.
Tears and incoming scents
are consumed
by both
so that, somehow,
we can soon re-paint
the colorless deserts
into the greenish shades
of a self-made heaven.
Right on this stage
surrounded by sand lines
two simple souls are merged
to perfection,
embraced as our own,
singing and dancing
with the golden songs out there
in the name of love.

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